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Laser Hair Removal is non-surgical, in high demand and a very popular technique that has a long wavelength which allows the laser light to target and deplete the hair follicle for permanent hair reduction.

Due to the different phases of hair growth (Anagen, Catagen and Telogen) and it varies from person to person, we recommend scheduling a consultation to better understand what to expect. Our laser treats all skin types I-IV

Small Area – sideburns, chin, upper lip, hands, feet, areola
Medium Area – face, stomach line, underarms, bikini line, shoulders, between buttocks, front and back of neck
Large Area – man’s beard, abdomen, chest, back, arms, legs
Full Body – Head to Toe

NORMAL PRICE: sm-$175/md-$400/lg-$400/fb-$799
MEMBERSHIP PRICE: (2 sessions)

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Germany —
785 15h Street, Office 478
Berlin, De 81566

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