PRF is platelats rich fibrin- it is harvested from our very own blood. Prior to the treatment, one- two vials of blood are drawn to fill a 10 ml tubes. Next, the blood is placed inside a specialized centrifuge designed to separate PRF from other blood components. After spinning, the PRF is harvested from the top of the vial into a syringe. Once the PRF is ready, there is a delicate window of approximately 15 minutes before the PRF forms into a gel-like consistency. PRF acts as a temporary volumizer, however the true advantage of this treatment is the rejuvenation of skin quality and collagen building. PRF is performed in a series of treatments, spaced four to weeks apart. Results typically last one to three weeks and the volume will essentially dissipate. Long-term effects, such as skin tightening, collagen production and enhanced skin quality, may take up to three to four months to be noticed and can last from six to 12 months. The visibility of expected benefits and results of the PRF treatment is typically seen after six weeks from initial treatment.

PRF Facial

PRF Facial is a treatment for wrinkles, fine lines The treatment employs the use of micro-needling pen to introduce PRF inside the skin 1-2 mm deep. PRF is a second-generation version of its PRP therapy counterpart. PRF Facial boasts a relatively higher concentration of platelets, as well as white blood cells, mesenchymal cells and fibrin. What’s more, the timely release of growth factors are done so in a delayed manner enhancing results compared with a PRP approach. Studies have shown PRF to contain traces of stem cells as well.

PRF facial image