Hi I'm Nnedi

I gained a lot of weight while pregnant with my first daughter. I was placed on bed rest and gained 70 pounds during the pregnancy, which put me up to 330 pounds. Three months post-delivery, I decided to do something about my weight.

I had seen an ad about KIREI weight loss and I decided to give it a try, boy I'm glad I did. In 9 months, I lost a total of 170 pounds. My energy went way up and I was never hungry.

Then, about 3 years later, I became pregnant again. Although I was nervous about gaining weight, I knew that KIREI weight loss would help me take it off again, and that's exactly what happened. Within a few months, I lost 35 pounds and am now within 10 pounds of my pre-baby weight.

To think that I had even considered Gastric Bypass is scary. I am so glad I never went that route.

KIREI weight loss is so easy to follow just shake and drink: no measuring, no counting. I would recommend this to anyone who has been battling with his or her weight. Look at my before and after pictures and judge for yourself.