HCG Weight Loss

One simple plan, every day! You can lose up to 10 lbs per week ! No sprays, pills or shots...absolutely no gimmicks! The #1 reason why weight loss programs fail is hunger. That's why our program is scientifically formulated with the highest fullness index with in just a few days, your body adjusts to the fat burning state, and you can achieve your healthy weight quickly and comfortably - you will get the healthy results you want as long as you stick to the plan.

Our Unique Approach

Effective, lasting weight control demands a highly personalized approach. As soon as you walk through the door of our facility, you will realize you're in a very special place: a place for YOU.

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The Experience

Personalized and private
At the heart of our program is attention to you as an individual. Your health, your body composition, and even your attitude and feelings are unique-and all these factors contribute to your successful weight loss.
That's why we take the time to really understand you and your situation, and use this understanding as we accompany you on this exciting journey toward better health.
Your comfort and privacy are essential: You always meet a counselor in a private office setting-never in a group.

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The Program

Flexible options for optimal health
In addition to the Jump Start Plan for fast weight loss, we offer a range of meal plans suitable for clients with diabetes, those with gout, seniors, teen, nursing mothers, and more.
And as you progress, your weight loss counselor will work with you to choose the meals that best suit your taste, your lifestyle and your rate progress.

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The Process

Simple to follow

  • Initial consultation (about 45 minutes)
    We work with you to clarify your goals and create an individualized strategy to achieve them.
  • Weekly appointments (about 15 minutes each, by appointment only)
    A weight loss counselor will check your weight and measurements, and go over your workbook with you.

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The Support

What you need, when you need it
Managing unhealthy habits-and creating healthy new ones-is essential for lasting results. Studies show that support makes a big difference in you success.
With this in mind, every weight loss counselor is educated and familiar with our program and protocols, as well as nutrition, excercise, healthy eating habits, and effective counseling skills.
You will get individualized attention and help with...

  • Personalized menus and meal plans
  • Focus on your roadblocks and how to manage them
  • Tips on navigating restaurants, parties, and celebrations
  • Getting past weight loss plateaus
  • Portion control
  • Excercise, and much, much more

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