24K Gold Facial Masque

Quick Weight Loss and Skin Care in Las Vegas is where the magic takes place.

imageThis treatment helps reduce wrinkles and fine lines, lightens, brightens and hydrates the skin leaving it firmer. It will also leave you with a natural golden tone that last for up to 28 days.

This treatment takes 90 minutes. During the process thin gold (99.9% gold) sheets are applied to the clients face until it is full covered in gold. After that application the gold is then steamed and massaged into the skin until the gold almost disappears. It is perfectly safe (people who tend to be allergic to gold are allergic to that which has been mixed with some other element such as nickel~i.e. 10K, or 18K).  So far, Quick Weight Loss and Skin Care is the only facility in the Las Vegas area where you can get this treatment. But it is becoming more and more popular among Hollywood stars, so don't be surprised if more places that offer this service start popping up.

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