About Us

Audrey Armah, Clinical Aesthetic Specialist & Principal

Audrey Armah is a clinical aesthetician, weight loss consultant and the principal of Quick Weight Loss and Skin Care anti-aging skin care center, located in Southern Nevada specializing in all aspects of non-invasive laser treatments for all skin types which includes Caucasian, Asian, African American, Hispanic, etc. Other services rendered are HCG Weight Loss, Laser Hair Removal, Skin Rejuvenation, Microdermabrasion, skin correction peels, "specialty" facials and 24K Gold Facial Masque. Her expertise is in treating ethnic skin, which has more distinct needs. Ethnic skin is prone to discoloration. "You must make sure you don't make these conditions worse," Audrey warns.

"This is why it is imperative to select a laser that targets all skin types (including dark skin) to obtain optimal results." Despite her success in molding her own business, Audrey has years of experience working with doctors. She has also established anti-aging clinics for several physicians.

Audrey has become a well respected authority as a weight loss consultant. As opposed to traditional weight loss programs that provide temporary results, Audrey specializes in developing highly customized programs that actually repair the metabolism in your body producing permanent results. Through science and technology she is able to help her clients succeed regardless of how many times they have failed in the past.

Audrey has aligned herself with a reputable medical director who is personally known and respected. "People feel good about the relationship we build. When clients notice their appearance looking better, they get excited!" Audrey focused on educating her clients to become familiar with non surgical procedures offered and how each affects the skin. Audrey knows she needs to keep up with the industry. She reads trade publications, networks with as many professionals as possible, researches fashion trends, test products, practices new techniques and continues her education. "Esthetics is my passion!" Before any product or services are introduced to my clients- I must believe in them." Besides getting regular facials and massages you might be surprised to learn that there are secrets behind picture perfect skin amongst many celebrities. We offer a full range of effective, non-surgical facial and body applications to enhance your appearance and contour the body without the recovery, downtime and expense of surgeries or other aggressive treatments.

Our mission is to deliver therapies that create enduring results.

Enhance your appearance and contour the body without the recovery, downtime and expense of surgeries or other aggressive treatments.

Our facilities offers a full range of effective, non-surgical facials and body applications. Skin care is more than a facial, it’s a program which enhances appearance for a healthier life.

We are highly trained and know the importance of developing good skin care habits for all skin types and ethnicities, including Caucasian, Asian, African American, and Hispanic. During our initial consultation we allow ample time to consider patient concerns and goals.